BU+A - Construction Management is a full-service, independent construction management. Our mission is to provide the highest quality construction management services to clients in creative and cost-effective manner. We will work with you from the early stages of planning to occupancy, to make a lasting impression to our clients and the community.

With our understanding and extensive experience in the management of residential and commercial projects, we provide flexible services, focusing on your expectations, objectives,budget and deadlines. Regardless of scope of work, we promise to have responsive analysis to ensure project delivery success.

With exceptional intelligence, a broad network of resources and unwavering integrity, we will exceed expectation of our clients!



BU+A -Construction Management cover a full range of development and construction services.

  • Develop a detailed construction management plan
  • Coordinate testing and inspection of the project, review reports and make recommendations as needed
  • Review and make recommendations on change order requests from the contractors, design team or owner
  • Monitor the construction schedule and coordinate contractors' work for timely completion
  • Produce monthly cost reports to monitor and manage costs through the project
  • Perform field inspections to evaluate work in progress
  • Schedule required inspections
  • Review accuracy and completeness of the project

We recognize the value in sustainable building practices and are committed to implementing environmental awareness to our employees to minimize the environmental impacts on job sites.



Self-Perform Documents: Combining all of the architectural, structural, and fabrication information into a single model gives us the ability to specifically control the documents being used in the filed. The use of self-perform documents instead of traditional construction documents allows us to filter the information that is used in the field.

As -Built Drawings: The value of a Building Information Model extends beyond the design and construction phases of a project in the form of as-built drawings. As-built drawings represent the reconciliation of the design documents to reflect the conditions that were actually built. Because we use fabrication models to coordinate systems instead of design drawings, our models more accurately reflect the as-built condition.

Design-Build: Utilizing design-build provides single-source responsibility and the potential for rapid completion. Integrated design, construction planning and an accelerated schedule are hallmarks of this approach. BUA fosters open communication and teamwork that is a necessary condition for successful design-build.

Program Management: With this approach, the emphasis is on developing programmatic solutions that extend beyond a single project. The program is managed by and accountable to a small staff of professionals, providing great efficient, construction and design fee savings, control of quality and scheduling, and responsibilities for the owner.

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