Manhattan Beach, CA

3,485 sq-ft with 2Story Single-Housing Dwelling
This house, located on 1st Street in Manhattan Beach, CA, is built in comtemporary modern house design. Within simple but delicate exterior design and mixed use of materials,this house is well shown the beatiful harmony of the building. 

La Crescenta, CA

4,472 sq-ft with 2 Story Single- Family Housing
This Residence is 2 story building located at Whittier Dr. in La Crescenta, CA.
The highlight of this buiding is the entrance. The shape of the enterence with special door color gives strong and special experience entering house.

Manhattan Beach, CA

3,500 sq-ft with 2Story Single- Family Housing
This house is locaed on Redondo Ave in Manhattan Beach.
A priority in the design of this simple and auster family house is well shown on the entrance of the building.

Frank Residence, Gardner St. LA, CA

2,800 sq-ft with Single Story Family Housing
This single story housing is located on Gardner St. in Los Angeles and has
spectabular exterior view, which stands out with the surroungding
translucent glass. The house interact with its environment through the
simple but delicated structure.

Marcheeta PL. LA, CA

6,090 sq-ft Single Story Single- Family Housing with Pool
This house 1 story housing, located in Los Angeles.
It is laid out around a central patio with large window and
rooms are organized sequentially according to their circulation.

Bowmont Dr. LA, CA

7,995 sq-ft with 2 Story Single-Housing Dwelling with Basement in Hillside Area
This house, located on a slope within a dense forest looking the downside,
takes advantage of the view while establishing an intimate relationship with the surrounding environments. The overhang roof also reimforce the harmony of the building within the nature; slope and tree. 

Woodrow Wilson Residence, Laurel Canyon, CA

7153,7155 Woodrow Wilson Dr. Laurel Canyon, CA 90068

4,704.4 S.F

3-Story Single Family Dwelling in Hillside Area

This 3-story housing is located on Woodrow Wilson Dr. in Laurel Canyon.

It takes its most advantage by being placed in hillside. It gives a dynamic
view at each defferent level and provides a unique circulation through each

level. Maximizing window lets the panoramic view with beautiful sunlight.

Kim's Residence, San Jose, CA

1115 Kendal CT. San Jose, CA 95120

5,179 S.F
2 Story Single- Family Housing

The Kim’s residence is 2 story building located at Kendal Ct.,
in San Jose. CA. The residence is composed of garage,
1st floor and 2nd floor. Originally 1-story residential building
transformed into 2story house with additional and remodeling
in San Jose, California.

Deck. LA, CA

5560 Echo St., Los Angeles, CA 90042 

2, 938 S.F (Deck: 500 S.F)
2-Story Building with Deck
Deck is added on the existing house of 2-story building in hillside area.
Its spacious deck and the combination of the natural wood with white 

structure are harmonized with the house and the surrounding landscape.

2708 Foothill Blvd #205
La Crescenta, CA 91214

Phone: +1 (213)-739-2525    Fax: +1 (213)-739-2526


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2708 Foothill Blvd #205, La Crescenta,CA 91214 213-739-2525, 739-2526